NSWC is pleased to now offer Building Automation and Controls Solutions through our new division, NSWC Controls and Service Solutions.

Whether your HVAC system is unitary packaged equipment, Variable Refrigerant Volume system, water source heat pump, or chilled water, Varitec Controls Solutions can integrate all facets of your HVAC needs. Providing a single-source solution of HVAC equipment and controls, we coordinate the supply of the HVAC equipment and its integration into the building automation system, reducing the client’s internal coordination efforts. Utilizing KMC Controls, RipTide, and other control product partners, we feature leading-edge cloud-based solutions, including analytics and energy dashboards, delivered at a disruptive price point. Please contact us to discuss your next project!

Line Card


A smart solution that uses the Internet of Things and cloud computing to predict, analyze, monitor, and control your building’s hot and cold spots before they occur.

Cool Automation

The Internet of Climate (IoC) enables HVAC systems to be controlled, serviced, optimized, and managed remotely. Making it easier to create the perfect climate control in smart inter-connected buildings.

Daikin North America

Not only does the intelligent Touch Manager control air conditioning equipment beginning with VRV systems, but the software also provides simple but sophisticated facility management including lighting for single or multiple buildings.

KMC Controls

KMC is your one-stop turnkey solution for building control. KMC specializes in open, secure, and scalable building automations, teaming up with leading technology providers to create innovative products that help customers increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize comfort, and improve safety.


Riptide delivers a single, turnkey solution for businesses with small, mid-sized, and multi-site buildings. Intel IoT Gateway Technology provides the foundation for solutions with high-performance, security-focused, and open, IT-friendly systems, including wireless, edge-to-cloud, and IoT innovations.